by Ravyn's Fall

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released November 23, 2012



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Ravyn's Fall Hamilton, Ontario

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Track Name: A Nice Life, At Least For You
Look what you've done/Had your way/had your fun/But still the memory remains/Haunting each and every single day/A nightmare consumes/What's left of the strength she was holding onto/A lash out in the dark/With thoughts like knives/possessed by a cold heart
So look at me/can't you see?/While you live life carelessly/Coercion takes its toll on society/Look at me/can't you see?/This not just a bad dream/But the remnants of your deceit.
Nothing but the truth/an irrelevant affair to you/Apathy flows like water/an exhibition of dishonour/Deception cries at night/with bloodshot eyes put up a fight/The difference between, you have no existing memory.
Misdemeanour's hands/does this make you feel like a man?
How could you do this?/You live a nice life/no guilt inside.
Track Name: An Outside Perspective
A blurry picture fades away/Leaving feelings of pain/Well take time that’s needed now/Just don’t drag things out.
You’ve fallen through/now everything’s a wreck/just get over it/Can’t take this anymore/this silent war/just get over it.
Now paint a pretty face/Conceal your fall from grace/Behind smiles and closed doors/The feud continues.
I see from the outside in/Different perspective on things/This is my outside perspective.
Track Name: Stand Tall
Time has brought us out the better part of this/realize you weren't worth it/I was brought here to stand tall/While your grinning smile thrown aside/fakes are easily spotted in this scene/take off your mask identify yourself ashamedly/I'm never gonna lose this feeling/nothing can take it away/It's just you and I we know you won't make it out alive/Do you know what it means to me? I won't let this bring me down/'Cause our time has come and I'm ready to make a mark on this world/Nothing but lies have brought you here drowning in this empty sea/Pretending to be real only digs a deeper hole with familiar faces burrying you alive/You're a demon with a golden smile/you don't exist/You don't belong here/I won't stay when you turn around.
Track Name: Strength in Numbers
Step outside of a traitorous home/open your eyes to the beaten souls/All at once your inferior life turns around into an effortless lie/I can't breathe now/I'll give you something to whine about/Throw away the crutch/fortitude is enough/Shaken souls walk the darkened road to a home of anger, lies and force/They scream in pain but silent in fear/no one believes a tortured tear/Fortitude is enough
Track Name: Nothing Less Than Quality
Is this really the end?/All we've worked for will hopelessly fall to the ground/We were born for this/for nothing less than quality/Helping hands turn to burning frowns while I'm stuck down here alone/I need your faith to bring me back to reality/This ambient music brings me to my senses/creating fulfilling moments of glory/Burning hope does nothing but inhale your lost ways/Your reckoning silence only helps me believe that I'll do greater/Throw me down all you want/I'll get right back up.
Track Name: Count Me Out
I'll see your face/as it slowly dissipates/From its existance/Fading recognition/Alleviate the vice elevated/Neglected and forsaken/Red has shown me the way/Inducing all this agony.
So count me, count me out/I'll release this grip from my throat/This is what it takes/To fight it off/to walk away.
This was your choice/To delegate your voice/And push free/you liberated me/I'll hold unto what you tried to prove/Its in me/This twisted iniquity/The red has shown me the way/Enduring every single day.
I can't win this fight/So I'll resign/I can't win this fight.